WebKit .NET


Latest Version - 0.5

Download Win32 BinaryWin32 Binary - This package contains the compiled WebKit .NET library, a sample application which implements a simple web browser, a build of the Cairo WebKit library and all of its dependencies. Download this if you want to use the web browser control in your projects or want to try out the sample application.

Download Source CodeSource Code - This package contains the Visual Studio 2008 solution for WebKit .NET. Download this if you want to build the library from scratch. A build of WebKit is also required; you can either use the one included in the binary package above or you can build your own. A guide on building WebKit .NET is available here.

Previous Versions

Previous versions of WebKit .NET can be found on the SourceForge downloads page.

GitHub Repository

The source for WebKit .NET has moved to GitHub. Please follow the instructions found there to access the repository or fork the project.